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Unfortunately, elder exploitation and abuse does happen and it is often difficult to recognize the wrongdoer. Sometimes, they may appear to be a trusted family member, concerned neighbor, friendly public service worker, or even a friend from church. Their financial motivations, however, are usually clear. At Voorn, Jaworski, & Preston, PLLC we work towards protecting our clients against financial exploitation and abuse. We have experience in sensitively handling various types of cases including cases involving: wrongdoing by power of attorney agent and embezzlement.


At Voorn, Jaworski, & Preston, PLLC we devote ourselves to ensuring you have sufficient and accurate information to enable you to make the best decision during this difficult time.

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Probate is the process by which the Probate Court identifies a decedent’s heirs and determines the validity of the decedent’s Will. It also identifies someone to be responsible for administering the probate estate (called an Executor if there is a Will or an Administrator if there is no Will), and supervises the administration of the decedent’s probate estate.

Technically, probate also includes guardianship petitions and administration. When people speak of “Probate” however, they are typically referring to the administration of decedent’s estates.

At Voorn, Jaworski, & Preston, PLLC we recognize that many of you may have a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to certain aspects of Elder Law. We understand that this is a worrying and difficult time and we are always here to help.

As experts in our field, our job is to inform you of the most accurate and up to date information that is currently available. If, however, you would prefer to discuss your issues directly, we would welcome you to call us.


For many people, Simple Wills are no longer simple solutions. In recent years, many individuals and couples have chosen Living Trusts as an alternative to the traditional Simple Will. These are sometimes referred to as “revocable trusts” or “inter-vivos trusts”. Living Trusts can have several advantages over Wills, including probate avoidance, avoiding guardianship, maintaining liquidity, and privacy maintenance.

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