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Business and commercial law includes issues that arise in business and commerce, such as business formation, employment matters, contract drafting and disputes, and the purchase of goods. This area of law governs the rights, relationships, and conduct of people and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales, and often arises from a contractual relationship. Business and commercial litigation may include disputes such as breaches of contract, shareholder’s and partner’s rights, business dissolution, landlord and tenant matters, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and violation of non-compete agreements.

Our attorneys represent both businesses and individuals in their business and commercial matters. An important aspect of this area of law is trying to prevent problems that may harm people and businesses, in order to avoid legal disputes. We attempt to resolve disputes without court intervention, including through informal negotiations, mediation, or arbitration. However, sometimes court is unavoidable. If litigation is necessary, our attorneys are experienced in prosecuting and defending cases in both the state and federal court, including the appellate courts.

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Need legal help in creating your business? Business formation is an important step as it lays the foundation of your company. At Voorn, Jaworski, & Preston, PLLC, we help all business types including sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, LLCs, mergers, acquisitions, and business restructuring.

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Contracts are more than just a piece of paper. They can often times create turmoil if not written and defined properly. Voorn, Jaworski, & Preston, PLLC has extensive experience helping businesses draft and review contracts. We’ll also assist in fighting contract disputes.

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The attorneys at Voorn, Jaworski, & Preston, PLLC will help you resolve business disputes through negotiation, mediation, or trial in federal or state court. We understand that litigation can put at risk everything our clients work so hard to achieve and impact a business’ ability to meet its objectives. Our mission is to help our clients resolve their business disputes through the most profitable means available. We will assess the potential risks, costs, and benefits of litigation and counsel the most effective course for our clients.

Voorn, Jaworski, & Preston, PLLC has experience advising and representing individuals and businesses in a variety of matters regarding contract disputes, negligence, deceptive trade practices, insurance and bad faith claims, equitable remedies, commercial debt and promissory notes, conversion or theft, employment, and shareholder litigation. We also handle partnership disputes, real estate matters, federal and state statutory claims, trust disputes, lender liability, and investment claims.

All of these matters may have a considerable financial effect for an individual or a company – both large and small. With so much at stake, choosing the appropriate legal counsel will make all the difference.


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